1. How do I modify a booking that is done online ?
Currently our website does not support online modification and cancellation. Please contact the travel agency to modify the booking or Ticket. Contact Tel : +254 (0) 709 195 000 / 400

Email : info.travel@hemingways.co

2. How do I cancel a booking ?
Please contact the agency, after checking we will advise on the booking cancellation and refund procedures..

3. I have done the payment online, when will I get my ticket or voucher ?
Instant Ticket or Voucher issuance is currently not enabled .This is because of the current market situation. At this stage we validate the booking details, confirm payment, in addition to that we always try to make a few checks on travel restrictions and flight schedule. If any changes or updates available at that time, we generally inform the passenger before issuing the ticket or voucher. You will receive a confirmation email and later the e-Ticket or Voucher .

4. After making the payment I did not receive the ticket or email, what do I do ?
Please email the details to info.travel@hemingways.co, if its urgent/close to travel then please call the agency. If payment is not received then the investigation can take some extra time as we are dependent on the updates from related service provider(s).

5. Can I book online and pay at your office ?
Book Now and Pay Later in our office is not enabled because of the current market situation as this can result in holding many seats without confirmation. If it’s not a confirmed trip and would still like to make a booking please talk to one of our Travel Consultants.

6. Holidays or Tour Packages, is it Instant booking or request for reservation ?
If 'Booking Request' is the option available with the Holidays / Tours then payment is collected after agency confirm the itinerary and availability on the selected dates. Booking is done offline and Voucher is emailed to you. If 'Book Now' is the option with the Holidays / Tours then its Online Payment and Voucher by email.

7. Is the online payment gateway safe to use, are you storing my card details ?
Hemingways travel use payment gateway Pesapal which is PCI-DSS, following the payment security standards. When you pay online you are actually inputting your Card details in Pesapal page and we do not retain your card details.

8. Before travelling what all are the travel any guidelines ?
Ensure your Visa and Passport is valid for travel . Check rules and restrictions set by the country you are travelling to or transiting, PCR, Vaccination requirements. Where possible check-in online and plan to reach the airport in good time.

9. What is the travel agency refund procedure?
Refund process is not automated and cannot be done online. Please contact the travel agency for assistance.

10. How do I change an existing booking, & pay for the fare difference?
Changes & Reissue services are provided via our Travel Consultants. Please contact our Travel Agents.

11. What is Premium Economy in the listing, I am not getting Premium economy fares for my route ?
Premium economy is a travel class positioned between standard economy class and business class and is available on certain airlines and routes. Our booking platform will avail the fares for route and airlines supporting the same.

12. What is the refund timeframe ?
Once a refund is initiated the refund process can take 15-30 working days, We will update the traveler once the refund is received.