Our Company


Hemingways Travel delivers a high touch and personalized level of travel expertise focusing on value for money and duty of care for our customers. Our travel technology and digital solutions enable efficiency in navigating today’s complex travel environment.


Our Pillars describe what we do best, which is;


  • Connecting People and Businesses through global and regional travel partnerships and solutions.


  • Delivering Value by leveraging travel scale and using technology to drive service efficiency and excellence.


  • Building Trust by focusing on duty of care to ensure customers travel with peace of mind


  • Constantly Innovating to continuously improve the traveller experience


Hemingways Travel is globally affiliated with Travel Leaders Group, North America's largest Travel Agency Organization. Today, Travel Leaders Group represents more than 52,000 travel advisors worldwide and ranks as one of the industry's largest travel agency companies. Headquartered in New York City and active around the globe, the extensive network assists travelers all around the world. Our team of leaders-from our expert agents to our executives-are dedicated to delivering the best travel experiences.

Travel Leaders Group's vision is to simplify the complexity of travel for its corporate clients operating under the following guiding principles:

  •  Be proactive, pre-emptive and agile


  •  User personalization to tailor the experience


  • Increase simplicity and efficiency

Through the Travel Leaders Group, our customers have access to global technological travel solutions that will positively impact a traveler’s experiences as well as help to drive costs down.